GRANDPARENT SCAMS: A call in the middle of the night stating that their grandchild has been arrested and money is needed for bail.

809 AREA CODE SCAM: Individuals being requested to call a number starting with area code 809. This area code is out of the country, costing citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars of long distance charges.

INTERNET FRAUD: Unfamiliar with the internet can lead seniors to give out credit card information to a scammer.

TELEMARKETING FRAUD: A 40 billion dollar epidemic in the U.S. alone. Research the product before buying. Call the Better Business Bureau to see if others have complained about the product.

CHARITY SCAMS: Know the charity before giving. All charitable organizations are required to register with the state. To find this information contact your local consumer protection agency at 614-466-8170.

HOME IMPROVEMENT SCAMS: Contractors advising citizens that unnecessary home repairs are needed.

PRIZES AND SWEEPSTAKE SCAMS: You have won a sweepstake, and then are requested to send money to cover the taxes.

IDENTITY THEFT: Giving up your social security number and birth date can open their financial history to a thief.

INVESTMENT SCAMS: Citizens planning for retirement may fall victim. They include, Advance Fee Schemes, Prime Bank Note Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, and Nigerian Letter Fraud Schemes.

HEALTHCARE SCAMS: Prescription drug card discounts and counterfeit medications.